Investment & FAQs

Your investment will be determined by several options: Size of the portrait, the pose, the composition, the background’s details, medium used, and framing desired are some of the variables available to you. I’ll be pleased to discuss these during our no obligation consultation. Because I deal directly with you, there are no middleman fees to contend with, so I am quite flexible and will try to work within your budget. I do not charge a premium for a background you feel would enhance the genre of the portrait, nor do I “farm out” any portion of my work. You’re paying for 100% of my talent.

Terms are as follows: 1/3 deposit; 1/3 due prior to framing; 1/3 balance due upon completion.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Your Guarantee?

I work on linen canvas with the finest oil paints available to create portraits which are realistic, lifelike in every detail, and will last for many generations to come. I take great pride in my unique ability to visualize the way you desire the subject to be represented, and translate this into award-winning quality work. In the unlikely event you feel that I have not accomplished this to your satisfaction, your investment will be returned.


Are Portrait Sittings Necessary?

No sittings are necessary, since they would usually conflict with the busy schedules of my clients. I have achieved excellent results from photographs, often hearing “I want the portrait to appear just like this.”


What Photographs Are Needed?

As a rule of thumb, a 3×5 plus an 11×14 professionally taken photo is best to work from. However, my experience permits some flexibility in your choice of photos if you have a favorite…but it must meet certain criteria: Clarity, resemblance to the subject, dependence on a single light source, absence of a  “toothy” smile, and presence of strong skin tones. I’ll discuss this further when I become more acquainted with the subject and your desires.


How Soon Can I Expect a Finished Portrait?

Approximately 2 months from the start of the painting. However, because each portrait must meet my criterion of excellence—and yours— I’m very judicious about scheduling additional projects.  So, I must remind interested individuals that time is, indeed, of the essence, when you decide to commission a portrait.


I’m Interested. When Can We Talk?

Please email me and in the “Comments” area provide the most convenient time to get back to you— or call with the same information. When I return your query, we can discuss your needs and options. Subsequent discussions should give us a better alignment of the portrait’s details.


May I Keep In Touch Once We’ve Contracted For The Portrait?

Absolutely! As we progress, I always welcome questions or comments at any stage of the project. I love sharing in the excitement that builds in my clients in the time leading up to the portrait’s “unveiling.”

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