My Method

Before I begin to paint, I study several good photographs of the person and make a mental composition of the best features I wish to emphasize in the portrait. I will then measure out dimensions on canvass and fit the subject’s proper placement on the background. Sequentially, I paint the background, the clothing, and finally, my favorites, the face and hands. Because I believe in the adage, “the eyes are the windows of the soul,” I take extra time and pay special attention to imbuing a most distinctive, lifelike communication from them. The portrait is only completed when I am satisfied that the details are perfectly refined and the personality of the person shines through.

Painting a portrait is comprised of more than gifted brushwork — it’s a combination of acute observation and extensive study to appropriately “honor” the individual being portrayed.

The satisfaction that I have “captured a life” to be cherished forever – plus my enjoyment of the many exhilarating responses to my work – have encouraged my continued successes.

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